Top 35 Most Creative Themed DIY Halloween Costumes For The Entire Family

1. Family 101 Dalmatians Costumes

Every kid – and most adults – loves 101 Dalmatians. If you’re looking for a great family themed costume idea, this is a great one. The adults dress up like Cruella and her henchman while the little ones are the Dalmatians. You can easily make these costumes from old clothing. Hit up a yard sale or a thrift store to see what you can find and then just add the necessary elements.

Source/Tutorial: our-everyday-art

2. The Incredibles Family Costume

The Incredibles Family CostumeThe Incredibles are a family of five that fight crime. If you happen to have three little ones, you have the perfect beginning for a themed costume. You’ll need some face paint to make your masks and some red clothing that you’ll turn into superhero costumes in a jiffy. These are so easy to put together and your little ones are going to love going as a superhero family for Halloween.

Source/Tutorial: whiletheysnooze

3. Easy DIY Alice In Wonderland Costumes

Easy DIY Alice In Wonderland CostumesI love Alice In Wonderland and these family costumes make me love it even more. You can dress up as characters from the favorite children’s tale and it doesn’t matter how many are in your family, there’s room for everyone. The costumes are super easy to do, too and you can get a lot of what you need at thrift stores or cheap costume stores. Just choose who each person is going to be and maybe watch the movie with your family again to get an idea of what each one should wear.

Source/Tutorial: mrsblinks

4. Family Of Angry Birds Costumes

Family Of Angry Birds CostumesWhether you play the game or not, you have to admit that Angry Birds is quite popular. There’s even a kids’ cartoon out now! So, if your family loves Angry Birds, you can create these pretty easy DIY Angry Birds costumes so that you all match for your trick-or-treating or Halloween party. The costumes strap on so they’re perfectly comfortable and the faces are made by just hot gluing felt onto fabric.

Source/Tutorial: sugarbeecrafts

5. Bank Robber Family Costumes

Bank Robber Family CostumesI love this family of bank robbers costumes that are perfect if you have a tiny one that you’re taking along on Halloween. The parents dress up as bank robbers and the wee little one is the bag of loot. How adorable is that? These are super easy to make from things that you probably already have at home. Your bank robbers can wear black sweats and the money bag could be made from an old sheet.

Source/Tutorial: funcheaporfree

6. DIY Family Batman Villains

DIY Family Batman VillainsYou can turn your family into Batman’s most infamous villains with clothing that you have on hand or cheap pieces that you can get at a thrift store. For a real fun twist, let someone be Batman and then the rest of the family can dress up like his army of nemesis. If your family loves superheroes, and more specifically Batman, this is the perfect family themed costume.

Source/Tutorial: coolest-homemade-costumes

7. DIY Beetlejuice Costumes

DIY Beetlejuice CostumesI love Beetlejuice. It’s one of my favorite movies, so this family of Beetlejuice character costume ideas is one of my favorites. You can designate anyone in the family to play Beetlejuice himself and then build your other costumes based on other characters from the movie – and there are a lot of options. The costumes are super easy to make and look so adorable when they’re finished.

Source/Tutorial: madeitmommy

8. No Sew Care Bears Family Costumes

No Sew Care Bears Family CostumesNot only are these Care Bears family costumes adorable, there is no sewing involved in making them. These are great if you’re pressed for time. You can throw them together in no time and have a great theme going on with your family. The costumes themselves are made of sweats in various colors and you add the Care Bears embellishments with felt and hot glue.

Source/Tutorial: seevanessacraft

9. Family Of Cavemen Costumes

Family Of Cavemen CostumesThese cavemen costumes are super easy to make and they’re really cute. You’ll need faux fur fabric, which you can pick up at most craft stores or you can check your local thrift store. You basically just craft the costumes from the faux fur and then add sweats, leggings or other clothing underneath to keep you warm – just in case it’s cold on Halloween. Let the kids get dirty before you dress them. It will just add to the caveman authenticity!

Source/Tutorial: andreasnotebook

10. DIY Repurposed Corn On The Cob Family Costumes

DIY Repurposed Corn On The Cob Family CostumesNot only is this costume idea a DIY project, it’s an upcycle and repurpose project, too, which makes it even better. The “corn” is made from bubble wrap that’s been painted yellow. The “leaves” are made from felt and the rest of the costumes are just repurposed clothing. This is such a fun and creative idea and sure to turn a few heads at your community trick-or-treat event.

Source/Tutorial: shealwayslovedlarking

11. DIY Despicable Me Costumes

DIY Despicable Me CostumesThese little minions costumes are super easy to make and may not cost you anything if you have some overalls and yellow sweatshirts on hand. You can make an entire little family of minions and have Dad play Felonius Gru. It helps if he’s bald but you can work around that if he’s not. Or, you could just have an entire family of little minions.

Source/Tutorial: onecreativehousewife

12. Family Of Bees Costumes

Family Of Bees CostumesI love this family of bees costume, especially for expectant mothers. The mom’s costume includes a little bee’s hive that houses here soon to be baby. How adorable is that? The other family members are dressed as busy little bees and there is even a beekeeper. This is a great DIY costume idea if you want something relatively simple and not at all time consuming.

Source/Tutorial: doityourselfdivas

13. DIY Fast Food And Condiment Costumes

DIY Fast Food And Condiment CostumesHow cute is this costume that has mom and dad as condiments and babies as fast food? These could easily be replicated with just about any fabric. You can cut the embellishments out of felt and glue them on and the costumes themselves could be made from sheets or other fabric. You could do this with just two or three family members or as many as you want – just keep adding food or condiments.

Source/Tutorial: myfriendbettysays

14. DIY Flintstones Family Costumes

DIY Flintstones Family CostumesI love these Flintstones costumes. You can make these really cheap, too. You just need the fabric and then just cut it out to make the shapes of Wilma’s dress and Fred’s suit. You can also add Pebbles and Bam Bam or one or the other. If you have a dog that you want to dress up too, make him Dino! How cute is your family going to be dressed up as America’s favorite caveman family?

Source/Tutorial: kelsey-lately

15. Family Of Football Players Costumes

Family Of Football Players CostumesIf your family is really in to football, these football player costumes are the perfect Halloween costume choice. You can make one a football – this works really well if you have an infant. Mom and little girls could be cheerleaders and Dad could even dress up like a coach. The pads and actual costumes are really easy to DIY and you can find loads of football themed clothing at your local Goodwill or other thrift store.

Source/Tutorial: blueistyleblog

16. Cheap DIY Ghostbusters Costumes

Cheap DIY Ghostbusters CostumesGhostbusters are a great choice for themed Halloween costumes and these particular ones are really cheap to make. If you have a little one, you can dress him or her up as a ghost. Mom and Dad can wear Ghostbuster outfits that you can make for less than $10 each. You could also dress a little one in green and let them go as Slimer. The possibilities with this one are endless and none of them are going to cost much to make.

Source/Tutorial: thismommyloves

17. Homemade Krispy Kreme Donut Family

Homemade Krispy Kreme Donut FamilyI love Krispy Kreme donuts and I love this family themed costume idea almost as much as those luscious chocolate covered cream filled goodies. The adult costumes are a cinch with just an apron and a Krispy Kreme hat. The little ones are actual donuts or if you’re really craft, you could make one of them a tall latte. Even the dog can get in on the homemade fun with this family donut costume idea.

Source/Tutorial: pinkpistachio

18. DIY Little Red Riding Hood Costumes

DIY Little Red Riding Hood CostumesWhether you’ve got two or three little ones, or just one, you can go as the story characters from Little Red Riding Hood. There’s the wolf of course, and then Red herself and the granny. If you run out of characters, you can always improvise. Maybe go as the book or take a few characters from Hoodwinked – it’s a movie that revolves around Little Red Riding Hood. These costumes are easy to sew and so cheap to make!

Source/Tutorial: makeit-loveit

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