Six Steps To A Winter Wardrobe: Key Pieces to Invest In

I love autumn dressing. Give me corduroy and cashmere, coats and boots, body-swamping scarves and deliciously thick sweaters over flimsy dresses and slapping sandals any day. In this country, it’s financially prudent to invest in those pieces, too – why blow the budget on printed flamenco-hem skirts when you’ll only wear them for two weeks of the year? In any case, if you get the winter wardrobe building blocks correct, you can cleverly extend the life of those clothes you previously classified as summery to last all year. And I don’t just mean buying a giant woolly “coatigan” and throwing it over all those vintage floral dresses. (Though on that note, coatigans have shaken off their Nineties yummy-mummy allegiances and are now presenting themselves as decidedly sleek.) Here are six essential wardrobe pieces – available only at John Lewis – and ways to wear them in order to achieve smart autumn style.

All items are available in John Lewis stores now.

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