Lily-Rose Depp Has Found Our Perfect Not-Quite-Winter Shoe

When it comes to shoes, Lily-Rose Depp walks her own path. Forgoing the usual fashion-darling favourite of either strappy sky-high platforms or the kind that look like they need a team-of-five to lace, this French-American actress prefers a simpler approach that always come with a vintage edge.


At the start of the summer we oohed and ahhed over her ladylike sandals, and now that we are stuck in that tricky transitional time, Lily-Rose has inspired us once more. Stepping out in Paris in early October, the 18-year-old opted for a classic pair of Repetto’s Paname pumps in a colour-pop shade of red.

Available in a rainbow of colours, this elevated take on a classic French favourite, the ballet pump works well for autumn months. They’re more substantial than the sandals you’re reluctant to shelve, yet aren’t in-your-face knee-high boots.

As we’ve come to expect from this Chanel girl, her fashion credentials didn’t stop with the footwear. This time, she chose to team her heels with an actual boy-scout ensemble from the Seventies that was designed by Oscar de la Renta. Yes, he of wonderful gowns and Upper East Side chic was also the creator of the cargo-shirt and neckerchief look synonymous with the boy brigade.

Fast forward a few weeks and a several degree drop in temperature and Lily-Rose was spotted out in her Repetto pumps again. This time she wrapped up with a little black dress, cardigan and black tights letting the tomato red shade warm up the look.


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