Kim Kardashian Blonde Hair – Platinum How-To

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Kim Kardashian-West made headlines with her platinum hair at New York Fashion Week, and has now even converted her mother Kris Jenner to the bleached-blonde look (see below). And, for someone renowned for their glossy, ebony hair, the transition has been remarkably seamless – not a dark root in sight. But for those without Kim’s hairstylist on speed-dial, how can you go platinum in style? Luckily for you, we do have Kim’s hairstylist on speed-dial, so, we asked him.

“So many people ask me whether platinum blonde will really suit them. It’s a big statement – it affects everything from your skin tone, the clothes you wear, and how you do your make-up to the way people treat you,” said Chris Appleton, who not only masterminded Kim’s transition to blonde but also Jennifer Lopez’s bob and Adele’s Grammys hair, alongside his role as Color Wow global creative director. “Try a wig first. This is not only one of the biggest transformations your hair will undergo, it’s also one of the most compromising. Do not try this at home.”

The process begins, says Appleton, around a month before, when you should start prepping the hair with a conditioning mask, getting the ends trimmed and cutting back on heat styling.


“With Kim, we still took more than a week to do the colour. We lightened it section by section and then treated the hair for a couple of days with Olaplex before going back and dyeing some more,” he explained. “Bleached blonde hair can look dull and dry, and for Kim I really wanted to maintain the shine and the gloss that she’s known for. When you lighten the hair this much, you need to turn the heat on your styling tools down and invest in the right products to keep the hair from looking dry and frizzy. The wet look on platinum hair is so good because it looks really soft, unlike gel, which can make the hair look stiff. I love Color Wow Dream Coat, when sprayed all over the hair, followed by Pop & Lock High Gloss Shellac for a wearable wet look that’s chic.”

And whilst Kim’s ice-blonde look might work for her, remember that the precise shade of blonde used makes all the difference to the end result.

“Tone is really important. You need to get the right one for your skin and your eye colour, as it will make or break the look,” he told us. “Women with cool skin tones generally look better in golden platinum colors than women with warm skin tones, for whom wheat and neutral blonde shades work better. Either way, bring in a picture to the salon of the exact colour you want – your idea of platinum may be very different to your stylist’s.”

Wise words indeed.

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