Join The Bridesmaid Revolution With Les Héroïnes

VANESSA COCCHIARO is on a mission to bend the bridesmaid norm. You know the scenario: five women forced to wear the same gown, despite the fact they have neither the same taste nor body shape. Her soon-to-launch brand, Les Héroïnes, aims to redefine ideas around bridal party wear with a collection of affordable jumpsuits, dresses and separates made in the same fabric and colour palette.

“The idea started when a good friend asked me to be her bridesmaid,” the former stylist told Vogue. “The bride asked me what I wanted to wear; I said a suit and was quickly shut down. While worrying about having no choice and becoming a bridesmaid carbon copy, I started thinking, am I crazy? There must be other women out there who have a more contemporary view of dressing.”

We’ve already seen “mix-and-match” bridesmaid collections from the likes of J Crew and ASOS, but Les Héroïnes feels different. Each flared sleeve, asymmetric hem and delicate waist tie has her stylist’s eye, and the approval of her industry friends too. From graphic design to make-up, photography and models, Les Héroïnes has been a collaborative passion project. “I know my strengths and weaknesses and no ship sails alone,” Cocchiaro explained. “Gaining different perspectives and incites helped me to create something beautiful.”

Individuals get a special shout-out in the names of the pieces: “I have a soft spot for the suit, as the jacket is named after my mother, Antonietta.” Others pay homage to influential women, who have helped change history. Emmeline Pankhurst, Rosa Parks, Simone De Beauvoir and Maya Angelou all manifest themselves on the tonal silky pieces. “Quite often when people think of heroines they automatically think of a fictional character,” she continued. “I want to celebrate real women.” Real women who think outside the occasionwear box.

Browse the collection below, and register at Lesheroines.com to find out the November launch date.

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