How to Make Bouncing Bubbles That Won’t Pop for Sensory Play

Do your kids love sensory play activities as much as mine? Sensory play is a great way to keep children amused, and it also plays an important role in their development.

We’ve done so many fun sensory play activities! We’ve had fun making rainbow slime and blowing bubbles in slime. And speaking of bubbles, that brings me to today’s fun project!

My kids love blowing bubbles. They like to challenge themselves to see how large they can get the bubbles before they pop—which of course is always too soon. So I was thrilled when I found an activity I knew would thrill them—and that is making bouncing bubbles that won’t pop right away!

Here’s our exclusive video tutorial!

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Ingredients and materials:

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Rubber gloves
Glass with distilled water
1 tablespoon dish soap
1 teaspoon glycerin
Ingredients and materials:


1. Start by pouring the glycerin into the glass of distilled water. Stir it up so that it is mixed in completely.
Pouring the glycerin
2. Next, pour in the dish soap and stir that in.
Pouring the dish soap
3. Put on the rubber glove.
Put on the rubber glove
4. Use the straw to blow a bubble onto your hand (the hand wearing the glove).
Use the straw to blow a bubble onto your hand,
5. Have fun with the bubble. You will discover you can bounce it around on the glove without it bursting. It should last for quite a while.

This is such a fast and easy recipe—you can have it prepared in a matter of minutes! Your kids will have endless fun blowing bubbles and bouncing them (and you probably will too). Enjoy this awesome sensory play activity!

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