How to Make a Personalized Teacup Candle the Easy Way

I have a big family and quite a few friends who I am close to. That means that my gift list for birthdays and holidays each year is pretty daunting. While I could buy stuff from the store each year, I really enjoy giving handmade gifts. So that means I am always on the lookout for ideas which work for everyone on my list.

One gift which I know I always love receiving is candles! That’s why I have shared lots of cool candle projects with you in the past, like these 15 candle projects for under $1, and these scented mason jar oil candles.

But now I have a really great treat for you! Below is an exclusive video from DIYnCrafts which teaches you how you can make a customized candle in any color you choose. It’s fast and easy (the video itself is less than half a minute long), and you can easily personalize these candles for all of your recipients. Enjoy!

Video tutorial:

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Candle wax (you can just use basic white candles for this)
Wax wicks (get these from the same candles)
Wax pencils in any color you want
Small pot
Larger pot (the smaller pot should fit in it)
Container for the candle (jar, cup, etc.)



1. Break the basic white candles you have purchased into pieces.

Step 1.

2. Remove the wicks from the candles.

3. Get a glue gun and cut a wick to fit the container you have selected for the candle you are crafting. Glue it to the bottom.

Step 2.

4. Put the pieces of white wax into the small pot.

5. Add in wax pencils in any color you want (make sure to remove any sort of wrapping from around them—you just want the wax).

6. Put the small pot inside a larger pot and fill the larger pot with water. Do not put any water in the smaller pot with the wax.

7. Bring the water to a boil on the stove-top. The wax in the smaller pot will melt.

Step 3.

8. Remove the pot from the stove and wait for the wax to cool down slightly. After a couple of minutes, pour it into the container you have selected for your finished candle.

Step 4.

9. Wait for the wax to cool. It will harden to fill the container.

Finished project:

You now have a beautiful custom candle to give to someone special!

Finished project:

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