Harry Styles At The BBC – Spoilers, When It’s On & How To Watch

Harry Styles At The BBC is set to air on the eve of November 1, and fans who have been waiting since the announcement will not be disappointed. Ever eager to ensure that you heard it here first, we got ourselves an exclusive preview of the show. From comic scenes with Nick Grimshaw and some surprising cameos to revelations that give answers to questions long pondered, here’s what you what you can expect from the Manchester-filmed musical extravaganza.

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1. The Reason Behind Harry’s Boot Choice Is More Than Just Style

Yes, he wears his changing mix of Gucci/Saint Laurent/Calvin Klein boots well, but as Harry confesses to Grimmy in a musical interlude they serve a much greater purpose than aesthetics. Telling the tale of one of his early years in One Direction, Harry found himself in a fan scrum when arriving in Paris. As security got him loose from eager hands, he realised that fans had taken the trainers from his feet. And that’s why he doesn’t wear them anymore…

Harry in Gucci boots at the Dunkirk premiere.

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2. Harry Proves He’d Be Great With Your Grandma

You might expect that Harry and Nick would head to some of Manchester’s most historical venues – or, let’s be honest, Selfridges – for the VT clips, but in fact they go left field and head to play bingo at a care home. It’s a cute scene where Harry’s debut album is billed as a prize, and the singer’s number-calling talent goes down a treat with the older ladies.

3. You Definitely Won’t Expect The Throwback Facts He Shares

Harry’s been honest about the eclectic music he grew listening to in the past, but he goes one step further by revealing the first song he ever remembers learning the words to. The track? A Shania Twain one, duh! However, the first time he realised that he wanted to step on stage and be a singer was while watching Sister Act 2 and in particular the little boy singing the “Oh Happy Days” solo. The first famous person he remembers meeting was Dragon’s Den star Peter Jones on a family holiday.

4. He Admits That Dunkirk Was As Hard As It Looked

Dunkirk was a realistic depiction of one of Britain’s biggest battles that didn’t hold back on the truth. For the actors it was a difficult, intense shooting schedule, that was even more true for first-time feature film star, Harry. “Why have I done this? This is so hard”, he admits thinking on the first day to Grimmy. While Harry always knew that he would need to shed his locks for the role – he wore a cap for the audition – his family were less sure and anticipated he’d just have a brief cameo waving away the soldiers from the port side.

5. His Future Plans Focus On Music

While admitting he is “definitely a bit of an attention seeker”, it’s the music side of his career that he’ll continue to focus on next. It’s getting back in the studio after his world tour ends in July he has his sight set on for now, but if the right role did come up he would be happy to step back into his acting shoes.

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6. The Music Choices Are 100 Per Cent Pure Harry Edward Styles

Well, it is his show after all. With the majority of tracks being taken from his eponymous album – all of which he performs note perfect, and with a few new jaunty harmonies – they’re also broken up with his favourite Fleetwood Mac track “The Chain” and a sweet, soft rendition of Little Big Town’s “Girl Crush.”

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