Chanel Spring/Summer 2018 Set | British Vogue

The show was set against the backdrop of an 85-metre wall of rock, planted with trees and creepers which took nine days to construct. Down this monumental, 15-metre-high rock face, cascaded six waterfalls, not dissimilar to the Gorges du Verdon, a famous canyon with multiple waterfalls located in the south of France which inspired the set. The models walked on a raised boardwalk above the pool at the bottom of the falls, where the volume of water was equivalent to that of a 25-metre pool. As the lights went down, Chanel’s plumber opened the water faucet and the gentle cascade that greeted guests on their arrival became an indoor Niagara. Anyone interested in pipes might like to know that the waterfalls supplied themselves through a closed water system and at the end of the show, all the water flowed back into the Paris sewage system for recycling.

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