35 Quick And Easy Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas You Can DIY In Minutes

1. Crazy Cat Lady

I must confess…I have been referred to as a crazy cat lady but only because I truly love cats. If you love cats and you want a cheap and quick costume, I highly recommend this crazy cat lady garb. Just dress up in a bathrobe with your hair in curlers and stick a few stuffed cats onto your robe. You can also carry a few around and even pin them into your hair. Cat fuzzy slippers would really complete the look.

Source/Tutorial: designdazzle

2. Quick And Easy DIY Lego Costume

Quick And Easy DIY Lego CostumeAll you need to turn yourself into a Lego is a cardboard box, some food storage bowls and paint. This one takes less than an hour to complete and is really cute. You just glue the bowls onto the box and then paint the entire thing in your Lego color of choice. If you needed something for everyone in the family, you could do several of these in different colors and everyone could go as a Lego. Plus, food storage bowls are really cheap at the Dollar Store.

Source/Tutorial: dreamalittlebigger

3. Easy Mac And Cheese Costume

Easy Mac And Cheese CostumeThis one is great for kids and adults alike. You simply take empty toilet paper rolls and paint them orange to create macaroni and cheese. You can make the container from cardboard and turn it into an Easy Mac bowl or make yourself a plain bowl if you want to save some time. This one is also really cheap. The paint is probably the most expensive material that you need.

Source/Tutorial: coolest-homemade-costumes

4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Costume

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle CostumeA green sleeper and a roasting pan are about all you need to turn your little one into a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Just spray paint the roasting pan and then add a mask. If you don’t have the green sleeper or aren’t a fan of TMNT, you could go as a normal turtle. The roasting pan trick still works and then you just wear it over green or brown clothing.

Source/Tutorial: anightowlblog

5. Static Cling Costume

Static Cling CostumeWhen all else fails and you just can’t find a quick and easy last minute Halloween costume, turn your laundry into something good. Add a few pieces of laundry to your clothing with safety pins and then pin on a few dryer sheets. You’ll be static cling! I did this with my daughter a few years ago but I also added a cheap laundry basket with the bottom cut out so that it slipped on over her. She went as dirty laundry.

Source/Tutorial: moneycrashers

6. Out Of Work Nudist

Out Of Work NudistThis is the most ingenious costume I have ever seen. Just dress however you want and then add a cardboard sign that says “out of work nudist” or “nudist on strike.” It’ a really fast and easy costume to put together and it is sure to get a chuckle or two at your Halloween party.

Source/Tutorial: kaykatastr0phe

7. Misbehaving Children Costume

Misbehaving Children CostumeYou don’t even need misbehaving children to make this costume. Just grab a really oversized shirt and a friend and go as children who are being forced to get along. You could also use this concept to create a two headed monster or any number of other things where you need two people in one costume. This one is so quick and easy that you’ll have it finished in under five minutes.

Source/Tutorial: 9gag

8. Punny Ceiling Fan Costume

Punny Ceiling Fan CostumeI love costumes that double as puns and this ceiling fan is certainly one of those. You’re a fan of the ceiling. Get it? It’s too funny and sure to spark some laughter wherever you wear it. Just write “Go Ceiling Go” on your shirt in paint or marker and maybe carry around a few pom poms to really cheer on your fan. This one is so cute and so very easy to put together.

Source/Tutorial: instructables

9. Easy Cupcake Costume

Easy Cupcake CostumeA cheap plastic tub from the Dollar Store and some poster board give you the base for an adorable cupcake costume. Add in polyfil for the icing and a few colored pom poms for sprinkles and you’re the most adorable cupcake on the block. You could take it a step further and even carry a cupcake in each hand – at least until the craving overtakes you and you eat the cupcakes.

10. Stick Figure Costume

Stick Figure CostumeTurn an ordinary white sweat suit into an amazing stick figure costume with just some black duct tape. This one really is simple and only takes a few minutes to complete. You can make a mast with some cardboard that you paint white and add facial features with more duct tape.

11. Jane Goodall Costume

Jane Goodall CostumeTurn ordinary khakis into the perfect Jane Goodall costume. Just add a stuffed chimpanzee or gorilla and you’re all set. You could also do something similar with khaki shorts and an alligator or snake…you’ll be the Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin. These are both really simple and fast, all you need is the khakis.

Source/Tutorial: thegloss

12. Chicken Cord-On-Bleu

Chicken Cord-On-BleuThis one is really funny and so easy to make. You’ll need a rubber chicken but then again, who doesn’t have a rubber chicken just lying around the house? Put on a blue shirt, add a phone cord and then add your chicken. You are now chicken cord on blue or Chicken Cord-On-Bleu – get it?

Source/Tutorial: coolest-homemade-costumes

13. Easy Paper Snail Costume

Easy Paper Snail CostumeA white dress and some crumpled up craft paper make the most adorable little snail. This one will take you less than an hour to complete and all you have to do is create the snail shell from craft paper and then attach it to a white dress or sweat suit. Add yellow plastic or Styrofoam balls for the eyes and you’re all done. Ribbon on the shell makes it a backpack that’s easy to get on and off.

Source/Tutorial: ohhappyday

14. Cheap Umbrella Bat Costume

Cheap Umbrella Bat CostumeA cheap $5 umbrella and black sweats make the perfect bat costume. This one is super easy and won’t take long at all to put together. You just cut the umbrella in half to make the wings and then put together the rest of your costume. You could use black sweats or a shirt and sweater if you want a girl bat.

Source/Tutorial: evilmadscientist

15. Recycled Carpet Viking Costume

Recycled Carpet Viking CostumeThis costume is not only fast and easy, it gives you a great way to recycle some old carpet pieces. You can use basically whatever clothing you want. Then add a strip of carpet to both legs to create Viking boots and create a cape with another strip to make the Viking cape. You can use carpet or brown toilet seat covers for this one.

Source/Tutorial: hgtv

16. Identity Thief Costume

Identity Thief CostumeGrab some name tags and “steal” everyone’s identity. This is another great pun costume that is so fast and easy to make. You can wear literally whatever clothing you want. Just “steal” those identities and stick them to yourself and you’re all set for whatever Halloween blow out you plan on attending.

17. Outer Space Costumes

These solar system costumes take very little time and you can make them easily out of cardboard. Just cut out whatever shape you want – stars, moon, sun, etc. – and then use ribbon to tie on the space masks. This works well if you have several people who need a last minute costume. You can collaborate your costumes and go as the entire solar system.

Source/Tutorial: marthastewart

18. Classic Halloween Sheet Ghost

Classic Halloween Sheet GhostYou can always simply throw a sheet over yourself and go as a classic Halloween ghost. This one is almost too easy and it only requires a white sheet. You could take the classic ghost a step further and make your own Charlie Brown ghost. Just add in black “holes” with construction paper or black material, or even sharpies if you don’t mind never using your sheet again.

Source/Tutorial: instructables

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