35 Handmade Soaps That Bring Style And Beauty To Every Bathroom

1. Homemade Detox Charcoal And Green Tea Soap

These little charcoal soaps are a dark color, which would be great for adding a contrasting color to your bathroom. You can mold them in soap or candy molds to make them really cute and they contain activated charcoal and green tea, two ingredients that are perfect for helping to clear up troubled skin. If you don’t like the smell of green tea oil, you can actually substitute peppermint oil and get the same effects.

Tutorial/Recipe: helloglow

2. Great Smelling Apple Tart Soap

Great Smelling Apple Tart SoapThese little apple tart soaps smell just like Mom’s apple pie and the soap is really easy to make. With apple pie fragrance and cinnamon, they’re perfect for the holidays or you could use them anytime you want to give your bathroom a nice, homey scent. You can mold them in cute little tart cups to make them look just like little apple tarts and even color them red and green if you really want to dress them up a bit.

Tutorial/Recipe: craftbits

3. Easy DIY Avocado Oil Soap

Easy DIY Avocado Oil SoapNot only is this avocado oil soap pretty to look at, it contains olive oil, coconut oil and other ingredients that are really great for the skin. Lemongrass and sweet orange give it a wonderful scent and although there are a few steps required to get this gorgeous marbled look, it’s definitely worth the effort. You’ll have a soap that is not only gorgeous, it’s healthy to use.

Tutorial/Recipe: soap-making-essentials

4. Adorable Homemade Bunny Soaps

Adorable Homemade Bunny SoapsWhether you want something special for Easter, or you’re just looking for a cute little soap to decorate the kids’ bathroom, these little bunny soaps are going to steal your heart. They’re easy to make and perfect for adding to Easter baskets or making as springtime birthday gifts. Make them in any number of different colors – they’re also safe for all skin types!

Tutorial/Recipe: stayingclosetohome

5. Colorful Sunflower Goat Milk Soap

Colorful Sunflower Goat Milk SoapSunflowers are great for adding warmth and cheer to any room…even the bathroom. That’s why I love these little sunflower soaps that are made from goat’s milk. They’re really colorful, too and will instantly give your bathroom a lift. You can order these from Etsy. They come in many different fragrances and color choices for $5 for each bar.

Tutorial/Recipe: etsy.com

6. Chai Latte Soap

Chai Latte SoapThese chai latte soaps actually look like something that you would pick up from Starbucks. They smell wonderful and look so realistic! Plus, they contain olive, palm and coconut oils as well as cocoa butter so they’re really good for your skin. They’re almost too pretty to use, although you should definitely use them given the wonderful ingredients that are included. And, you mold them in paper cups so there’s no need to buy a soap or candy mold for this one.

Tutorial/Recipe: soapqueen

7. Homemade Chocolate Soap

Homemade Chocolate SoapChocolate soap! Yes, it is a real thing and it’s an easy soap to make. Now, you could mold this in a soap mold, or just make it into a bar which seems more appropriate for chocolate don’t you think? I would also add some sprinkles or something to make it really pretty, but that’s just me. This goat’s milk, cocoa butter, shea butter and so many other wonderful ingredients that make it smell wonderful and provide great health benefits to your skin.

Tutorial/Recipe: facts-about-chocolate

8. DIY Coffee And Cream Soap

DIY Coffee And Cream SoapCoffee is definitely my favorite thing in the morning – in a cup, of course. But, this coffee and cream soap would absolutely become my favorite hygiene regimen. It’s gorgeous to look at and smells wonderful. With freshly ground coffee, powdered milk and vanilla, you are sure to love waking up to this soap every morning and it’s pretty enough to decorate your bathroom for special guests.

Tutorial/Recipe: soaprecipes101

9. Exfoliating Cinnamon Coffee Soap

Exfoliating Cinnamon Coffee SoapNot only does this cinnamon coffee soap smell nice, it’s also a great exfoliator. If you need something to slough away those dry skin cells, this is the perfect homemade soap for you. Plus, it’s a really pretty soap, especially if you pour it into molds. Or, you could make up a large batch and slice it like coffee cake or sweet bread. The color is gorgeous and you’re sure to adore the scent.

Tutorial/Recipe: shemakesmagic

10. Homemade Color Block Soap

Homemade Color Block SoapThese little bars of soap have blocks of color that are perfect for matching any bathroom décor. Not only are these great for your skin, they’re perfect for adding that decorative touch in the guest bathroom or your own personal bathroom. You make them in a soap mold – or you could find any number of things to mold them into – and you choose whatever colors you need to match your bathroom décor.

Tutorial/Recipe: brit

11. Decorative Confetti Heart Soaps

Decorative Confetti Heart SoapsI love these little confetti soaps! You can actually do these in whatever shape you want, but the hearts are really adorable. You make them with glycerin bars, that you can pick up at any craft or hobby store, as well as confetti. Mold them in your soap molds and choose whatever shape or confetti you want. You could also add coloring if you want to really make them decorative.

Tutorial/Recipe: kixcereal

12. Decorative Knitted Sweater Soap

Decorative Knitted Sweater SoapWhat’s more cozy than your favorite sweater? This soap that you can decorate your bathroom sink with! It looks like a comfy sweater, right down to the little “button” at the top. These are so adorable and come in a wide variety of colors and scents. This one can be purchased on Etsy for under $20, which is a steal considering that it is a homemade soap and did I mention that it looks like a sweater?

Tutorial/Recipe: etsy.com

13. Decorative Cucumber Bar Soap

Decorative Cucumber Bar SoapWhat makes this cucumber soap decorative is the color. The green is gorgeous or you could do it with a little less green but have specks throughout. It has a really great rustic country look to it and of course, it has cucumber pulp which is excellent for the skin. You could also do these in molds if you prefer that to bar soap, but personally I think the bars are really gorgeous.

Tutorial/Recipe: soaprecipes101

14. Decoupage Guest Soaps

Decoupage Guest SoapsTurn your guest bathroom into a beautiful display with these decoupage soaps. This is the perfect way to get seasonal soaps because you can add whatever picture or design you want. You make these with regular bar soaps and then add the pictures that you want. These are more for decoration than they are for actual use, although you can use them if you want.

Tutorial/Recipe: instructables

15. Fresh Ginger Pulp Soap

Fresh Ginger Pulp SoapFresh ginger is really good for you. It has natural pain fighting properties that work whether you ingest it or come in contact through the skin. That’s what makes this fresh ginger soap so great…well, that and it’s easy to make. It also makes a wonderful decorative soap because it has little flecks of ginger throughout. Mold it in a soap mold or cupcake liners, it’s pretty either way and smells amazing.

Tutorial/Recipe: lovinsoap

16. Homemade Gemstone Soaps

Homemade Gemstone SoapsI have to say, these gemstone soaps may just be my favorite homemade soaps. They’re just so gorgeous and perfect for dressing up your bathrooms. From the shapes right down to their swirls of color, these are just the most beautiful soaps I’ve ever seen and they’re not at all difficult to make. You can add any scent that you want with essential oils and they will smell as pretty as they look.

Tutorial/Recipe: honestlywtf

17. Fresh Smelling Grapefruit And Eucalyptus Soap

Fresh Smelling Grapefruit And Eucalyptus SoapEucalyptus is one of my favorite scents. It just smells so fresh and wonderful and when you combine it with grapefruit, it’s even better. That combination can be turned into pretty little decorative soaps, too that have a nice grapefruit pink on one side and green for the eucalyptus on the other. These are pretty easy to make and you can mold them in a shape or use a bar mold to just make square soaps.

Tutorial/Recipe: naturalbeautyworkshop

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