30 Frighteningly Fun Halloween Party Drink Recipes That Will Thrill Your Guests

1. Bat Juice Halloween Mock Cocktail

This bat juice drink looks like a cocktail but there is no alcohol involved, so it’s perfect for even your younger guests. Kids will love the dark color and the taste. It’s made with 7-Up and black Twizzlers, which incidentally act as straws too if you want them to. It’s a really simple punch like drink to make and one that your little gobblins will gobble up.

Recipe: celebrations

2. Delicious Black Halloween Punch

Delicious Black Halloween PunchHere’s another really dark punch that is perfect for those Halloween parties. You make this one with grape and orange flavored drink mix and it has a frozen hand floating in it. It’s sure to be the scariest and the tastiest thing at your Halloween party and it’s super easy to put together. It’s one of the least expensive punches that you could make, too!

Recipe: allrecipes

3. Blood Orange Mock Martini

Blood Orange Mock MartiniYou can make this blood orange martini without alcohol so it’s perfect for children’s parties. It looks great and is really tasty so kids are going to love it just as much as adults do. Draw a spider web on your glasses to make it even creepier and add a spider – not a real one of course. With black frosting, blood orange juice and orange syrup, it’s a tasty and somewhat healthy drink.

Recipe: culinaryginger

4. Bloody Shirley Temple Drinks

Bloody Shirley Temple DrinksThese bloody Shirley Temple drinks are as delicious as they are creepy. The creep factor comes from a plastic syringe that is filled with “blood” (which is actually grenadine). You just pour Sprite over ice and add a squirt of grenadine to give it a bloody look. Then fill your toy syringes with grenadine and kids can have a blast mixing their own bloody drinks.

Recipe: madefrompinterest

5. Bubbling Swamp Juice

Bubbling Swamp JuiceKids are really going to love this bubbling swamp juice. Not only is it green and grotesque, it’s also delicious. It’s a great Halloween take on traditional hot chocolate, using white chocolate chips and green food coloring to give it that great scary look. Top it off with mini marshmallows and centipede gummy worms for a really nice creepy look.

Recipe: tasteofhome

6. Homemade Bug Juice

Homemade Bug JuiceThis isn’t the Bug Juice that you buy in convenience stores. It’s a much creepier Halloween drink and one that your guests will adore. With lime flavored gelatin mix and real juice, it’s a pretty healthy take on traditional punch as well. You top off the green concoction with gummy worms and other creepy crawly candies to give it a great swamp look. And the ginger ale makes it bubbly.

Recipe: susikochenundbacken

7. Harry Potter Inspired Butterbeer

Harry Potter Inspired ButterbeerIf you love Harry Potter, there’s no doubt that you’ve always wondered what butterbeer tastes like. Well, now you can stop wondering and mix up a batch for your Halloween party. Butterbeer is simply a mixture of brown sugar, butter, apple cider vinegar, heavy cream and cream soda. Mix it all up and pour into mugs or tumblers to give your Harry Potter themed Halloween party a real pick me up.

Recipe: pastryaffair

8. Candy Corn Halloween Drinks

Candy Corn Halloween DrinksCandy corn is a must for any Halloween party. If you don’t want to have it out in candy dishes, then simply make candy corn drinks. White juice acts as the bottom layer with darker juice like mango acting as the middle layer. For the top, you use a yellow colored juice like a tropical citrus. Then just add crushed ice and you’ve got a lovely and really tasty Halloween colored drink.

Recipe: boulderlocavore

9. Tasty Caramel Apple Cider

Tasty Caramel Apple CiderIt just wouldn’t be fall without some apple cider and this caramel apple version is perfect for Halloween parties. It’s made with apple cider, caramel ice cream topping, and whipped cream. Make them up in your glasses and garnish with cinnamon sticks for added decoration. These are really tasty and really easy to mix up and kids are going to love them as much as adults.

Recipe: pastryaffair

10. Gory Cemetery Slime Punch

Gory Cemetery Slime PunchThis is a great punch recipe for parties. It’s easy to mix up and really delicious. You make it with root beer, gummy worms, vanilla frozen yogurt and chocolate frozen yogurt. It’s the color that gives it that creepy factor although the taste is out of this world. It looks so great surrounded with scary Halloween themed dishes and your guests are going to really adore it.

Recipe: cookingchanneltv

11. Cherry Chiller With Blood Drip Glasses

Cherry Chiller With Blood Drip GlassesThis cherry drink is made with lemon lime soda, grenadine and some maraschino cherries. The cherries give it a really spooky eyeball look and you can make the blood drip glasses by rubbing the rims in a mixture of corn syrup and red food coloring. This drink is as refreshing as it is terrifying and it’s absolutely perfect for Halloween parties for all ages.

Recipe: diynetwork

12. Spooky Dragon’s Blood Punch

Spooky Dragon’s Blood PunchThis dragon’s blood punch is made with ginger ale, cranberry and apple juice and Hawaiian punch for color. The deep red color is gorgeous and perfect for a scary drink. Pour it into “blood” rimmed glasses or you could even add decorative ice cubes like dragons or dragon eggs to give it real character. It’s a super easy recipe to make and one that kids will love to drink.

Recipe: foodnetwork

13. Scarily Easy Halloween Punch

Scarily Easy Halloween PunchThis punch is so easy to make and it’s super scary. You just pour Sprite into glasses or a punch bowl and add Nerds. Then use Halloween themed Peeps to decorate straws and add some creepy Halloween candy eyeballs for added effect. This one is so very easy and is probably one of the most decorative and scary punch recipes I’ve seen. Kids are going to love it!

Recipe: agirlandagluegun

14. Fun Fizzy Pumpkin Halloween Drink

Fun Fizzy Pumpkin Halloween DrinkThe fun part of this drink is that you serve it in pumpkins – well, pumpkins that you make from mason jars anyway. Textured jelly jars work really well and you can decorate them with jack-o-lantern stickers to make your pumpkins. The drink itself is just a mixture of orange juice, pineapple juice, lemon lime soda and orange sherbet. It’s much like the wedding punch that I’ve been making for years!

Recipe: thehouseofsmiths

15. Frankenstein Punch

Frankenstein PunchThis Frankenstein punch is really simply to make and really fun to serve. To make the punch, just mix ginger ale, chilled pineapple juice and lime sherbet. The fun is in the glasses. Make Frankenstein looking glasses using clear plastic cups. Just draw on your Frankenstein faces and then glue two Rolos to the sides. Add your green punch and you have a wonderful Frankenstein drink that’s as cute as it is delicious.

Recipe: bedifferentactnormal

16. Spooky Foggy Drinks

Spooky Foggy DrinksThese foggy drinks are sure to be the hit of your Halloween party. Note that you’ll be using dry ice to make them so this is not recommended for children. You mix the drink in a clear glass bowl or a punch bowl. You’ll need Kool-Aid or Gatorade for the drink base along with gummy worms and your dry ice. Just chip off pieces of your ice and add to your punch to create the fog whenever needed.

Recipe: kidsactivitiesblog

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