30 Easy And Cheap DIY Trick-Or-Treat Bags That Make Halloween Fun And Frugal

1. Upcycled Bandana Trick-Or-Treat Tote

These upcycled bandana bags are great and they’re really cheap and easy to make. Even if you don’t have any bandanas on hand, you can pick them up at the Dollar Store or Walmart for less than a dollar each. Two would make a huge trick-or-treat bag and you can add fabric to the inside if you want it to be reversible or to create a contrast. There is a bit of sewing required, but not too much and these work up really quickly.

Tutorial/Source: 2littlehooligans

2. Easy DIY Bushel Basket Buckets

Easy DIY Bushel Basket BucketsThese decorated bushel buckets are great for holding tons of candy and they even make great decoration for the house for before trick-or-treating. You can get these buckets at any farmer’s market if you don’t have them on hand. Just paint and otherwise decorate them in true Halloween style and you’re all done. I love the mummy look that’s all covered in medical gauze but you could do any style that you need to match their costumes.

Tutorial/Source: hoosierhomemade

3. Easy DIY Candy Corn Bag

Easy DIY Candy Corn BagI absolutely adore these little candy corn bags. They’re really easy to sew and pretty cheap to make. You create them from felt and they look just like a piece of candy corn. They’re pretty roomy, too so they should easily hold all of their candy. You could also do these in smaller versions and use them to hand out candy to neighborhood trick-or-treaters.

Tutorial/Source: purlsoho

4. Upcycled Paint Can Halloween Treat Bucket

Upcycled Paint Can Halloween Treat BucketTake an old paint can and clean it up – I mean really clean it up – and then decorate it to make these amazing treat buckets. You can use any number of things for decorations. Glue on some Halloween themed scrapbook paper and then add a nice ribbon or bow to the handle. These are easy to make, really cheap since you’re upcycling and hold loads of candy.

Tutorial/Source: popsugar

5. Easy Duct Tape Trick-Or-Treat Bag

Easy Duct Tape Trick-Or-Treat BagDuct tape really is perfect for making anything, isn’t it? Imagine making your kids’ entire bags out of duct tape! You just criss-cross the duct tape to make it sturdy and since there are so many wonderful designs and patterns these days, it’s easy to customize their bags to perfectly match their costumes. You can get several bags from a roll of duct tape, too so these are pretty cheap to make as well.

Tutorial/Source: dukesandduchesses

6. DIY Duct Tape Halloween Buckets

DIY Duct Tape Halloween BucketsYou can also use duct tape to decorate buckets and make them Halloween worthy. Just take an empty coffee can or similar metal can and decorate with duct tape. This works well for empty paint cans as well, and they already have handles attached, or you can make a handle out of bent wire and just attach it to the sides of the can. These are really easy and are perfect for kids to make on their own with just a little supervision.

Tutorial/Source: mermag

7. Easy And Cheap DIY Halloween Treat Bags

Easy And Cheap DIY Halloween Treat BagsThese paper Halloween treat bags are not only easy to make, they’re super cheap. You use paper lunch bags to make these – which are super cheap at the Dollar Store or Walmart. You can buy white ones and let the kids paint them or find colorful versions and then just add your decorations. These are great for kids’ DIY projects. They can create whatever monsters or scary creatures they want.

Tutorial/Source: thecelebrationshoppe

8. DIY Glitter Sider Web Bags

DIY Glitter Sider Web BagsAn ordinary white tote drawstring bag, which you can get really cheap, can be turned into the perfect bag for trick-or-treating with just a little glitter paint. You just draw a spider web with glue and then use fine black glitter to give it color and character. You could even glue on a plastic spider to make it more ghoulish or do any other embellishment that you want to match their costumes.

Tutorial/Source: pinkpeppermintdesign

9. Frankenstein Glow In The Dark Bucket

Frankenstein Glow In The Dark BucketAnything that glows in the dark has a spooky look to it on Halloween and that is especially true of this Frankenstein bucket. This will take you less than half an hour to complete and it’s a great project to let the kids help with. You’ll need a bucket or use an upcycled paint or coffee can. You make the design with glow in the dark duct tape. It’s easy, cheap and so ghoulishly fun!

Tutorial/Source: notjustahousewife

10. Simple DIY Golden Pumpkin Bucket

Simple DIY Golden Pumpkin BucketTake one of those plain pumpkin treat buckets that you can pick up at the Dollar Store for a dollar, add some gold paint and a white ribbon and you’ve got a beautiful trick-or-treat bucket that is so unique. This is really simple and so cheap to make. Just paint the bucket and then add your ribbon – you could also use black or orange if you want to give it more character.

Tutorial/Source: julieblanner

11. Easy DIY Googly Eye Trick-Or-Treat Bag

Easy DIY Googly Eye Trick-Or-Treat BagGoogly eyes are so spooky and they’re perfect for decorating an ordinary bag for Halloween. You just take an ordinary black tote bag and then use apple halves dipped in white acrylic paint to make the eyes. Add black felt for the googly part of the eyes and you’re all finished. Kids are going to love helping to stamp their eyes on and the entire bag only takes about half an hour to complete.

Tutorial/Source: bhg

12. DIY Minecraft Creeper Backpack Bag

DIY Minecraft Creeper Backpack BagMinecraft is certainly a popular costume choice this Halloween and you can make your little ones’ costumes even better with this DIY Minecraft creeper bag. You just need a plain drawstring backpack in a mint colored green and you can make your own template for this out of upcycled cardboard. Create the creeper face, which is really easy since everyone on Minecraft is so cut and dry square, then paint it on with black acrylic paint.

Tutorial/Source: kerryannmorgan

13. Easy Handprint Ghost Trick-Or-Treat Bag

Easy Handprint Ghost Trick-Or-Treat BagThis is a great project for kids who want to make their own Halloween trick-or-treat bags. Let them create their own handprint ghosts on a regular tote or drawstring bag. Paint their little hands with white acrylic paint and let them stamp ghosts wherever they want on their bag. Top it off with a glow in the dark Boo patch, some chevron design and their name to personalize it.

Tutorial/Source: happygoluckyblog

14. Easy Trick-Or-Treat Bag

Easy Trick-Or-Treat BagThis is one of the easiest trick-or-treat bags you could make and it’s all handmade. You’ll need Halloween themed fabric or you could do a plain version with just some black or orange fabric. You can sew this together in no time, even if you don’t normally sew things a lot. These are great because they’re so roomy so they can collect all sorts of Halloween candy and have plenty of room for all of it.

Tutorial/Source: almostsupermom

15. DIY Mummy Halloween Candy Bags

DIY Mummy Halloween Candy BagsThese mummy bags are so adorable and so very easy to make. You just take a black tote or drawstring bag and add the mummification, which is done with first aid tape. Just wrap some tape around the bag and secure it with glue if needed. Then add your mummy eyes and you’re all finished. Kids can easily do this one on their own if they want.

Tutorial/Source: popsugar

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